Pentatonic Minor and Dorian comparison

The Pentatonic Minor scale compared to the Dorian mode with diagrams and explanation.
The Minor Pentatonic is a five-note scale the Dorian mode is a seven-note scale. But besides that, the similarities are obvious: Dorian contains all the notes in the pentatonic scale plus two additional notes (as seen in the comparing tables below).

A Minor Pentatonic scale degrees and notes.

1 3 4 5 7

A Dorian scale degrees and notes.

1 2 b3 4 5 6 b7
A B C D E F# G

Scale diagrams

The scale diagrams show A Minor Pentatonic and A Dorian (shape 1) in two octaves.

A Minor Pentatonic

A Pentatonic Minor scale diagram

A Dorian

A Dorian scale diagram

Graphic comparison

The scale diagram shows Minor Pentatonic and Dorian mode merged (the added Dorian notes in light green).

Minor Pentatonic and Dorian modes merged diagram

Backing track

Since the Minor Pentatonic and the Dorian are analogues in several aspects you can blend these scales in solo playing. The main concept when doing this is to think Pentatonic and when sporadically add one or both the Dorian notes, often only adding one of the Dorian notes (B or F# in this case) will often sound best. Try this by playing over the track below.

Jam Track in A minor

Tempo (95 BPM)