Guitar jam tracks

Jam tracks for guitar (the sound from the lead guitar is removed).
Sounds for different genres and scales/keys.
Choose a style or scale and start playing (for information about how to use the jam tracks, see below).


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About the jam tracks

Free jam tracks for you to enjoy, including lessons with specific instructions (see below). Feedback is welcome.

Tell me how to use the jam tracks

Jam tracks (or backing tracks) are music arrangements with various instruments but without one of the instruments (in this case the solo guitar). The purpose of the jam tracks if that you can be the soloist guitar. That means that you mainly play singles, notes not chords (which probably is covered by the rhythm guitar).

Scales are the main tools for lead guitar and can be seen as palettes of notes, which tend to work together with certain music. Scales are not set to limit you, they can be the starting point for your creativity to explode in melodies and rhythm. These abilities will improve as you continue to play scales together with backing tracks. For example, if the jam tracks relate to the key of A Major, scales such as A Major, A Major Pentatonic will most likely be viable choices. Sometimes suggestions are given concerning which specific scales to use.

Jam tracks lessons

The best way to start is to play over tracks in which you don't need to change scale.
12 bar blues in A (using a single scale)

The suggested scales are considered the main alternative, but there are more choices that you can use to develop the richness of your playing. You can, for example, play certain scales over certain chords, which will give you more possibilities. The concepts are explained and detailed instructions are given in the jam tracks lessons presented below.

See also jam tracks with chord changes displayed in real-time:
12 bar blues in A (using extended scale)
12 bar blues in F (using Pentatonic minor and major together)