Blues in F jam tracks

Backing tracks created for blues in the key of F.
Free rhythm tracks for guitar soloing. Suggested scales are presented as well as chords. Real-time information and instruction to help you.

12 bar blues in F jam track (using Pentatonic minor and major together)

"Country Swing Blues"

Suggested scales to play over the jam track: F Pentatonic, Fm Pentatonic
Display chord changes: To see the chord changes in the field below the sound control element, you need to press the "Display chords in real-time"-button directly after you start the jam track, or click the "Start all one click"-button.

F Pentatonic Major

F blues scale shape diagram 1st pos

F Pentatonic Minor

F Pentatonic Minor scale diagram

Instructions: You can play either F Major or Minor Pentatonic over all chords, but incorporating the concept of shifting scale depending on chord will develop your lead guitar playing. The chord in real-time instructions can lead you to the scale choices.
When Major and Minor Pentatonic are used together it's common to use Major Penta over the I chord or over the I and V chord. So, the suggestion is to use the Minor Penta over the IV and V chords or over the IV chord. See below, under "Explanations" for more info about the chord and scale connections.
The scale diagrams presented above is the "first position" versions of both scales. If you not already are familiar with these scale, it's a good idea to use these shapes since they have relatively easy fingerings and they partly overlap each other.

Jam track info

Instruments: Bass, drums and rhythm guitar
Chords: F - Bb - C7
Tempo: 120 BPM


The I chord - The I chord is the main chord and the same as the song key. In this jam track, the I chord is F.

The IV chord - The IV chord is normally the second chord to appear in a 12-bar blues song. In this jam track, the IV chord is Bb or Bb7.

The V chord - The V chord is normally the third chord to appear in a three chords 12-bar blues song. It will also be the primarily turnaround chord. In this jam track, the V chord is C7.

F chord chord intervals and notes.

1 3 5

Bb chord chord intervals and notes.

1 3 5
Bb D F

C7 chord chord intervals and notes.

1 3 5 b7
C E G Bb

F Pentatonic scale degrees and notes.

1 2 3 5 6

Fm Pentatonic scale degrees and notes.

1 b3 4 5 b7
F Ab Bb C Eb

The comparison gives some hints about which of the scales that will sound great together with each scale. One thing that can be spotted is that the Bb chord (the IV chord) is constructed with Bb as the root note. Bb don't belong to the F Major Pentatonic, but it belongs to the F Minor Pentatonic and because that match, it will often sound better to use the minor penta over the IV chord.